Nevins, Inc. aims to improve our society and workplace culture through community-based employment of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Nevins, Inc. provides intellectual and developmentally disabled people over the age of 16 with opportunities to achieve their fullest potential through employment and community involvement.

Core Values

Innovation and Vision

Integrity and Trust

Respect for All People


Unlimited Potential

Who We Are

Davan Cloninger
Executive Director
(704) 596-1372 Ext. 203

Pamela Glass
Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships
(704) 596-1372 Ext. 210

Kimberly Hailey
Director of Clinical Services
(704) 596-1372 Ext. 212

Arian McLeod
Qualified Professional, Clinical Supervisor of Innovations Program
(704) 596-1372 Ext. 208

Elijah Dixon
Qualified Professional, Clinical Supervisor of Abilities & Possibilities Program
Program Supervisor of Community Supported Employment
(704) 596-1372 Ext. 215

Deon Chism
Program Supervisor of Supported Employment at Atrium Health
(704) 596-1372 Ext. 300

Transportation Information
(980) 505-2388


Board of Directors


David Middleton, Chair
Jason Evans, Vice Chair
Richard Schmidt, Treasurer
Carolyn Hewett, Secretary
Mark Munson, Past Board Chair
Jade Boling
Cheryl Coors
Janice Fudala
Cathie Justen
Crecia Keller
Joanne de la Rionda
Nathaniel Shishko
Tracey Suggs
Kathleen Zicari
Sean W., Consumer Liaison