nevins Partners Nevins, Inc. is proud to partner
with these oustanding organizations
in the community.
atrium Atrium Healthcare Many of our participants have worked at CMC for years and
have been hired as “model staff,” no longer needing Medicaid
reimbursed Supported Employment Coordination Staff.
Nevins is proud to have partnered with Atrium Healthcare
for almost 20 years in the Decontamination and Sterilization
cpcc Central Piedmont Community College Almost 30 years ago, the CPCC/Nevins Partnership started
with a goal of providing for the educational needs of the
developmentally disabled community.
Ever since, the CPCC staff have worked tirelessly alongside
Nevins staff to help Create Opportunities for our participants.
festa Festa Italiana Grazie Mille! to Vincent Vocci and friends at the Festa Italiana
Charlotte, who for 14 years have helped Nevins continue our
mission and expand our services.
It's the Best Italian Festival in Charlotte!
hog Charlotte Hog Chapter #3456 Harley Day at Nevins has a long history of shared experiences
between two communities that might not ordinarily seem like
a perfect match, but the huge grins on the motorcycles tell a
different story.
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dance Charlotte Latin School It began with a single dance thrown by the Charlotte Latin
students to say thank you for the efforts of the Nevins screen
printing business.
Our partnership with Charlotte Latin School has blossomed
into over 25 years of dances and volunteerism.
new dom NewDominion Bank NewDominion lives up to its claim of being a community bank
by providing Nevins with service that helps us focus on our
participants, not on the numbers.