Nevins, Inc. aims to improve our society and workplace culture through community-based employment of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Nevins, Inc. provides intellectual and developmentally disabled people over the age of 16 with opportunities to achieve their fullest potential through employment and community involvement.

Core Values

Innovation and Vision

Integrity and Trust

Respect for All People


Unlimited Potential


Who We Are

Adam Lawlor
Executive Director
(704) 596-1372 Ext. 203

Natasha Young
Program Director
(704) 596-1372 Ext.201

Kimberly Hailey
Program Manager-Clinical Services
(704) 596-1372 Ext. 212

Jonathan Martin
Program Supervisor Supported Employment
(704) 596-1372 Ext. 219

Cathy Duenkel
Office Coordinator/Administrator
(704) 596-1372 Ext. 211

Linda Moore
Atrium Mercy Team Lead
(704) 304-9710

Deon Chism
Atrium Main Team Lead
(704) 446-0421

Tanisha Rorie
Program Supervisor/QP
(704) 596-1372 Ext 208

Pam Glass
Director of Development, Strategic Partnerships
(704) 596-1372 Ext 210

Patrice Baldwin
Team Lead
(704) 596-1372

Phillip Gussman
Events & Marketing
(704) 608-1323

Board of Directors

David Middleton, Chair
Tom Gottcent, Vice Chair
Janice Fudala, Treasurer
Carolyn Hewett, Secretary
Mark Munson, Past Board Chair
Jade Boling, Past Board Chair
Greg Smith
Dr. Melody Covington
Jason Evans
Cheryl Coors
Richard Schmidt
Tracey Suggs
Jim Troyer
Sean W.
, Consumer Liaison